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SMM promotion is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get loyal customers. It involves active communication with social media users through communities. Given the growth in their popularity, the effectiveness of SMM is increasing every day. The promotion of accounts in social networks is carried out by specialists who will make your community a place for active and engaged customers.




you are interested in new clients;

your company lacks social media presence;


your existing SMM leaves something to be desired;

you fail to find ways to manage your existing social media channels;


you need to reach new audiences;

you would like to further your connection with your customers.

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How do we implement a social media marketing strategy?


We study the features of your company and the entire industry as a whole.

We investigate the activities of competitors, analyze their communities in social networks, identify the pros and cons.


We define the target audience, its activity and preferences.

We create and develop new social media channels and communities.


We design the visual identity of your social media channels.

We create the content that will be shared through the new channels along with the content plan.


We create a content plan for the information content of the group.

We publish news, promotions, important information to ensure growth of the channels.


We moderate the community by communicating with users, answering questions, comments and reviews as well as removing spam.

We are launching paid promo for posts and targeted advertising.

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The majority of the populace that is active and wealthy is concetrated on social networks. These individuals prefer to search for the goods and services via the Internet and social media, as opposed to more traditional channels such as street ads, newspapers and magazines. SMM promotion will allow you to turn a simple community into a powerful tool for developing and attracting an audience. SMM implements fast and convenient communication with the client, who no longer needs to call and clarify – one can simply post and wait for a response. Moreover, in order to see your news, promotions, new products or services, the users won’t need to visit your community — all this will be delivered to their news feed. By ordering SMM services, you may get closer to each client, earning his favor and preference. Check our SMM pricing plans below:


£1000 £225


£1500 £270


£2000 £406

Social Networks Followers/Likes Warm-up (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

Don’t rush with new followers, if you don’t want your account to be blocked. Start slowly but steadily with our “Quality Followers” Packages.


Get 5 Quality Followers £ 0.34
Get 10 Quality Followers £ 0,86
Get 20 Quality Followers £ 1,74
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Get 5 Quality Followers £ 0,86
Get 10 Quality Followers £ 1,74
Get 20 Quality Followers£ 3,04
Get 50 Quality Followers £ 4,34


Get 5 Quality Followers £ 0,43
Get 10 Quality Followers £ 0,86
Get 20 Quality Followers £ 1,74
Get 50 Quality Followers £ 3,47

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